Friday, 31 August 2018

Another Tip on Writing.

So here is another tip on writing from how I work.  

Don’t worry about sentence structure and grammar while you are getting the rough draft out. 

My first task is to take notes of ideas that are streaming in my head, in no particular order, even.

The 5-Minutes trick for writers

For the simple reason that every writer’s method of writing is as unique as a snowflake, I can’t tell anyone how to write.

Yet I myself have benefited enormously from the processes of other writers and from advice by the pros.

For example, I practice, whenever I return to a writing task that feels intimidating or has stalled out, a timer trick I read in a book I was reading (apologies for not remembering its name) on writing once: buy a timer, tell yourself you are going to work on it for just five minutes. 

This suggestion resonated with me so deeply that though I have used it extensively and even now use it to begin work on a project before the project takes on a life of its own.

 I still use it for many things that I feel are necessary for my life: like doing yoga, meditation, and exercise.

Shakespeare for me is the image of God

As little is known about him as about God. Who is the author of these divine dramas? Nobody knows though theories abound. Shakespeare’s plays are like Creation herself, mystery incarnate, the great Mother spinning out of herself, like a spider from its very belly, the World Drama: the stories of our lives. We are stories and our tales have almost already been told in some field of Time in which we move from where we are to where we are. That ‘almost’ makes all the difference, for Destiny is kind and waits for us to take full advantage of that mysterious space between how things are and how they may be, closer to the heart’s desire.