Friday, 25 September 2015


You know, sometimes one simply has to take time off from all one's compulsions and obligations. It's so easy to go with the inertial energy to do, do, do. Even this blog has become something I felt I had to keep up with along with a million other things. One is not one's obligations and there is a life beyond compulsion. There is, of course, a balance to be maintained between discipline, work, obligation and utter freedom from it all.

We have donkeys in our village that carry loads of bricks and sand and other building materials up the hills. I saw a donkey once run away from his owner and it took him half a day to catch him and load him down. Well, I am that donkey, and instead of half a day, I have taken a month. I am going to run away some more, especially into the forests in the wonderful October light.  Who knows? Perhaps I will never be caught again!