Friday, 6 October 2017

Thanksgiving to God is a must; to dispute and look sour is not thanksgiving. RUMI

If we start, from our little toe, to count all our blessings, we see how rich we are. How many billion connections have to be made before our body can function? Our being here, alive, on this little lovely planet called Earth, zameen, dharti, itself is a miracle. Shouldn't we give thanks to whatever it is we worship, by whatever name we call this One Energy, common to all religions, that creates and fuels us and this thing called Life?

with our one cry of “O my Lord!” come a hundred cries of “Here I am.” RUMI

How foolish we are to think we are alone! Help is at hand. The Friend waits for us to turn to Him/Her, and as Bhai Gurdas says: for every step we take towards the Friend, the Friend takes a million. Lala, the female saint from Kashmir, too, says the same thing. We have only to trust our inner sense to know this. Don't rely on the brain to give you any assurance, solace. It is a very small part of us. Neither Rumi nor Guru Nanak trust it. They know that emotional knowledge is far superior than intellectual certainty.

Every moment a hundred messages come to us from the Beloved. RUMI

Sunday, 1 October 2017

The word of a saint is like the spring rain on trees. RUMI

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The words of saints are the most precious of our treasures. A diamond or a BMW can't guide you when you are lost. There is no GPS for the soul, except the words of our guides.

Pains are messengers. Do not turn away, foolish ones! RUMI

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We all turn away from pain. We are taught to; we have taught ourself to. But if we turn away from pain, turn away from being crushed, instead of welcoming painful circumstances, how will we make wine? Pains are messengers that we need to change, become more humble, perhaps, more compassionate, more introspective or loving. We do not learn without pain.

Knock, knock at the door of Reality. It will open to you. RUMI

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What does Rumi mean by Reality with a capital R? It is that which lies beyond our senses. We love our senses. In fact, they are necessary for out survival, and make life pleasurable. Imagine what life would be like without our sight, smell, taste, hearing and touching. We can't. But we have many inner senses as well, insight, if you will. Our other sense, which some call proprioception, senses and knows that we have something called the soul; love, the all pervading, is invisible, though we may give it names and images. The energy most call God is sensed though not seen. Rumi calls this Reality the Invisible.

How do you knock on this Invisible door? By turning to it, by remembering it, by worshipping and adoring it. Even if you knock just once, gently, The Invisible, that hears unsaid things, will respond.

How should uncrushed grapes yield wine? RUMI

Like grapes, life crushes us so we can make wine in the vats of our minds